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Solar Water Pump

Solar pumps are unique in electrical and mechanical design. Conventional water pumps will not provide satisfactory performance in a non-grid powered situation as they are not designed with energy efficiency in mind. Often residential needs to include the ability to supply water under pressure on demand. Backup storage batteries are required for this application because the pump needs to run on demand, not just when there is sunshine available.

Considering the influence results from the weather, off-grid various factors, equipped with a powerful lithium iron phosphate battery as the back-up energy becomes necessary. EEMB’s lithium iron phosphate battery provides an optimal solution for Solar water pumps in the open air.

  •  Excellent charging and discharging performance, store energy to the greatest extent

  •  Reliable backup power source in a non-grid powered situation

  •  High discharge rate up to 10C, ensuring the pump operate perfectly

Battery Project:

Battery Specification: 24V, 140Ah

Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate battery

Maximum Charge Current: 1 C

Maximum Discharge Current: 2 C

Integrated Protection Circuit Module (PCM).

Operating Temperature: -10℃~60℃

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