IoT Solution

Micro Power Solution

IoT (Internet of Things) refers to a network capable of intelligently identifying, positioning, monitoring and managing devices. This is achieved by information exchange and communication among devices by using information sensors based on internet. IoT aims to “cut off” cumbersome cables and wires, and to offer people free and uninhibited connections to various devices. The widespread deployment IoT devices is being held back by a significant limiting factor: It’s power supply. Low-power wireless networks incorporating automatic sensors are a key enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT). Thus, these devices require a safer, more reliable and higher performing battery. One attractive option comes to lithium batteries, which provides a positive support for the popularization and development of the IoT. Lithium batteries, most commonly seen in button or coin cell forms for IoT applications, are also available in wafer or cylindrical forms, with the latter providing higher energy density. CSDWELL’s batteries are designed with a low self-discharge rate, long cycle life, smooth discharge curve, and a safe and stable performance. CSDWELL’s ER, CR, and other serial battery products, with customization options available, are the smart choice for IoT applications.