Energy Network & UPS

The transition from the non-sustainable use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy to sustainable power supplies from renewable energy sources is currently well underway. The important requirements for the widespread use of renewable energy are, amongst other things, the reliable and efficient storage of energy and solutions for high levels of network stability and quality.

Network Stablility

With intermittent renewable energy sources which account for an increasing share of the energy mix, network stability is a great challenge. The more poorly controllable wind and solar power plants come into operation, the less the supply frequency can be kept within a tolerance range. While batteries can be used for the storage of large quantities of energy, ultracapacitors are in a position to release short-time high power to the network, not only to balance the voltage but also the frequency and thereby to achieve a higher level of network stability.

Network Quality

Electrical and electronic systems influence the network quality in many ways but react themselves very sensitively to any disturbance. In modern companies, therefore, it is a part of managerial responsibility for them to have their own power networks under control around the clock. Indications of a poor network quality are, for example, overheated motors, transformers and wiring, flickering lighting, computer failures and data network problems. Intelligent systems with ultracapacitors can provide a remedy here and ensure high network quality.


Telecommunications, computer centres, hospitals and other central facilities are reliant on uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS). Ultracapacitors are ideally suited to this application due to their superior reliability and long service life. If a diesel generator is used as a USP plant, then ultracapacitor storage here can ensure a reliable start.