Who is CSDWELL       CSDWELL is a professional battery manufacturer and battery solution provider since 2014. It’s main product line ranges from primary lithium batteries to rechargeable lithium batteries. CSDWELL’s long history has enabled CSDWELL to be in all key global markets. Our factory occupies more than 3,000 square meters of space with […]

About CSDWELL New Website

About CSDWELL NEW WEBSITE        Thank you for visiting our new website. This year marks an exciting milestone as we celebrate our 6th year in business. It’s been a provocative journey    but extremely rewarding to have experienced moderate growth during these challenging economic times.   In 2014, we renew our commitment to provide […]


124V 3.5F SUPERCAPACITOR MODULE      It is Customized module with an active cooling system for medical & wind applications. The CSDWELL 124V is a customized ultracapacitor module designed to fulfill the needs of our most demanding customers. The module is based on our CSDWELL ultracapacitors with extremely low ESR and equipped with anintegrated ultracapacitor […]