Li-SOCl2 Battery


Battery Chemistry:Lithium-Thionyl Chloride(Li-SOCL2) Batteries;
Non-Rechargeable Cell;
ER Primary Lithium Cylindrical Cell
•High & Stable Operation Voltage : 3.6 Volt
•from 1/2AA to DD format
•High Energy Density
•Extremely low discharge rate less than 2% per year
•Wide operating temperature range -55 °C ~85 °C
•10 year shelf-life
Actual battery lifetime will vary depending on conditions such as discharge current and temperature.
•Supports various battery pack design configurations


Electricity/Gas/Watermeters,Automatic Meter Reading(AMR),Heat Cost Allocator), Toll Tags, Memory Back-up and Real Time Clock (RTC), RFID/Real Time Location System (RTLS),
CSDWELL ER 3.6V Cylindrical Battery provide a cost-effective power solution to global customers. This battery’s long-term reliability makes it ideal for industrial applications .For details, please do not hesitate to contact us.